Amazing Flying cars coming very soon


Since the onset of the 20th century when automobiles and airplanes were both invented. Almost simultaneously talk of building a flying car. Almost immediately though the concept seems simple at the time each attempt ended. In failure still the dream was unshakable the 1960s featured a flying car and the movie called chitty bang bang followed.soon  after by the futuristic Jetsons cartoon where George Jetson flew his vehicle to work every day.The seventies and eighties gave us more with Star Wars back to the future well.

Now they’re finally here and there are more awesome that anyone could ever imagine.Look up in the sky what is that is it a three wheel motorcycle now it’s a helicopter and wait it’s a flying car, actually it’s all three it’s the sleek and stylish pal V 1 an amazing car in gyroplane hybrid from dutch company palvi.On the road the two passenger palvi performs like a sports car accelerating from 0 to 60.In just eight seconds leaning into turns like a well-engineered motorcycle and it’s an off-the-chart driving.

American company terrafugia has come to the rescue with the transition a street-legal airplane made for pilots.The transition is a two-seat state-of-the-art vehicle with carbon fiber construction glass avionics and a host of innovative technologies.The mechanical wings fold or unfold automatically in just a few seconds allowing it to fit easily into any garage or standard parking space.The fuel economy on the road is great coming in at 35 miles per gallon and the flight range is 400 miles with a 30-minute reserve.

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Maverick LSA is it inexpensive but tough off-road vehicle with a motorized parachute wing.So when the terrain gets too tough for this off-road beast well.Maverick LSA runs about ninety four thousand dollars with an increase in sales and production be on roads hopes to make them more affordable for almost anyone.